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Meet Kenzie


I have been a lifelong equestrian and studied Animal Science/Pre-Veterinary Medicine at the University of Hawaii at Manoa, with the initial goal of becoming an equine veterinarian. I worked for Waikiki Aquarium, Honolulu Zoo & Sea Life Park Hawaii training & caring for marine mammals. I returned to Washington State in 2015 to work for the US Navy Marine Mammal Program at Bangor Naval Base training dolphins & sea lions. After, I ventured back into veterinary medicine working as a multi-species veterinary technician for Pilchuck Veterinary Hospital, VCA Central Kitsap Animal Hospital, and Sound Equine. After losing a horse to hoof related issues, I got started on my hoof care journey with my two ponies, Moon & Poptart. I have been trimming hooves under professional mentorship for over four years, studied with Daisy Bicking's Integrative Hoof School and I am undergoing the certification process with Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners (PHCP, I am obsessed with hooves, equine nutrition, and improving horse welfare. I attend continuing education events year-round nationwide to improve my hoof care practice.
It is my mission to empower owners with hoof knowledge, and help horses that I so deeply love. 

Continuing Education 2022

June 2022 - Anatomy & Dissection of the Hoof & Distal Limb

September 2022 - Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners - "Interpersonal Relationships with Clients & Professionals"  

September 2022 - The Donkey Farrier Academy - "Principles of Donkey Hooves, Health & Handling" 

October 2022 - "Club Foot in Young & Old Horses" - Hans Castelijns & Simon Curtis

October 2022 - Denver, CO - Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners Conference 

October 2022 - Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners "Trimming Foals" 

November 2022 - Quincy, CA - Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners - Trimming, Anatomy & Dissection Clinic 

November 2022 - Quincy, CA - Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners - Hoof Protection & Shoe Removal  

November 2022 - Dr. Eleanor Kellon - NRC Plus Equine Nutrition Course  

December 2022 - "Digital Cushion & Support" Seminar by Simon Curtis

December 2022 - January 2023 - Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners Webinar Series with Dr. Bowker on the Equine Hoof

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