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No hoof, no horse. 

Each appointment includes evaluation of your horse's current hoof health, evaluation of your horse's movement & dynamic balance, detailed before & after hoof photographs for objective based care, and customized hoof care to suit your horse's needs.  

Horses treated with patience & compassion with the goal of achieving the best hoof possible!

Now serving Bainbridge Island, Kitsap County, Mason County & limited route service Eastside 

Please fill out my New Client Form to schedule your appointment


Hoof Trimming


Natural, balanced, whole-horse hoof care on a 4-week trim cycle.

$85 Initial Consult & Set-Up Trim 

$65 Standard Maintenance Trim/$130 per hour (special needs cases)  


(Price based within 1 hour service range:

- Eastside clients - $100 Initial Consult, $75 Maintenance Trim) 

What to expect for your horse's initial consult here.


$40 minimum + $20 per goat thereafter ($130/hour special needs, large herds, etc.) 


boot fitting

Help your horse transition to barefoot in comfort or get fitted for performance hoof boots for any level of activity or terrain. Experience in fitting a variety of brands to best suit your horse's needs & hoof shape - including Scoot Boots, Easy Care, Flex Boots, Cavallo, and more. Fitted via fit-kit shells and precise post-trim measurements. Not limited to my trim clients, appointments available to Greater Seattle Area. 

$130/hour + cost of boots 

To schedule a boot fitting without a trim, please email me for scheduling:  

Demos & discounts available on group fittings if you would like to schedule a group event at your barn! 


Nutrition consults & Hay testing

Quality species-specific nutrition and appropriate mineral balancing is the foundation of good feet. Get help evaluating your horse's unique diet & needs, mineral balancing, hay testing, and more. Includes one forage test via probe from Equi-Analytical & calculated nutrition plan via FeedXL. 

$150 all-inclusive per horse 


Glue-on composite shoes 

Composite shoeing application for rehabilitation &

performance horses alike. 

$130 per hour application fee + cost of shoes & materials 

Green Forest
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Let's Work Together

To schedule your appointment, please fill out our new client form. I will contact you within 24 hours (business hours Mon-Fri), thank you!

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